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I'm Caleb, 20 year old dude who likes writing, reading, music, movies, and basically everything else that's fun and pretty. I type like I talk, which means a lot of apostrophes an' shortened words. I'm also very bad at describing myself. So I suppose if there's somethin' you wanna know, just shoot me an ask and I'll tell ya.

I don't really tag things, but if there's somehting you want me to tag, just let me know and I will.
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Fossils reveal how the turtle got its shell

The discovery of three fossilised turtles has resolved a long-running debate about how the creatures’ shells evolved

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Tagged: #lookables

Tagged: #lookables

Tagged: #lookables

Have we seriously got to the point where 'shootallwhitepeople' is an appropriate url...





you cant be racist against white people!!!!!one!!!1111111!!

that’s not racism. that’s just EXTREME prejudice!!!! like that’s somehow less worse?

people really need to just go outside and get a hobby

like if i made a url that said shootalljaps would that be justified because of what japanese people did to my culture? because the japanese really fucked up a lot of things in kroea

Really? I thought it was mainly just Koreans and Americans who did that. Oh WWII yeah? Japanese probably fucked everything up.

japan invaded and imperialzed korea. they destroyed the language and eveidence of that can be seen today because korean and japanese should have no similar root langauge (like german or latin roots) and yet, when i watch animes i hear a lot of words that i recognize as korean words and even translate to korean words (or similar). yea. japan did a lot or incredibly awful stuff during WWII including human experimentation. 

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a question i ask myself regularly




pumpkin spice candles soon

pumpkin lattes soon

pumpkin everything


Ssssshhhh. No more heat and fireworks, only pumpkins and spooks now.

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me when i diet


the only people who call me cute live 7000 miles away

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